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Failure is part of perfection but failing to learn from your failings is a catastrophic failure

After working for years in information technology sector, I have come to realised some important truths. 

To achieve something, requires dedication, commitment, discipline & honesty. 

To become a professional you need a clarity of vision.  

To be come a truth leader, you need to learn how to serve,respect and lean to accept other persons flaws and virtues.  


To succeed you need people who share the same common goals and aspirations with you and are solution driven 


Siliconfusion is an new advance Asset Fleet Telematics and IT solution startup company, venturing into Ghanaian market with clarity of purpose and determine to make a big difference in Ghana. So much lives and property has been lost on our roads, due to accidents and reckless behavior of some indiscipline drivers, equipment fault , lack of road signage, and lack of good road to serve the citizenly. With our Telematics solution, we can help grow your business by reducing fuel theft by 90%reducing fuel cost between 15-25%, reduce fleet maintenance cost monitor drivers behavior, obtaining vehicle diagnostic information by utilizing data from  vehicle CANBUS. Ensure asset security and  prevents loss of income through accidents and theft. Our mission is to save lives, help company grow by reducing cost and ensure workers accountability and level playing ground for all. 

We believe one thing “If it cannot be measured it cannot be managed”. 


Our Mission, Vision & Core Values  

Our Mission 

Our Mission:  is to make business that utilizes vehicles and assets in Ghana (reduce costs), (increase profitability), (reduce your carbon footprint), and above all increase efficiency, Save Lives and Reduce Accidents & Insurance Pay-Out. 

“If you can’t measure it, you cannot improve it.” 

The most expensive elements of your fleet are your vehicles and your workforce.  

It is empirically true that such treasured assets are both now are out of sight and alarmingly unaccounted for. Siliconfusion Tracker telematics platform is an easy-to-use solution to mitigate against these challenges.

We provide fleet operators with real time location and monitoring capabilities of their assets, namely their vehicle and workforce. Our holistic approach infused with advance vehicle telematics devices and experience integrators enable us to provide a full spectrum of fleet management solutions: monitoring fuel consumption, Fuel theft, trips accountability, driving behavior, geo-location of your fleet, analytical reports, to mention a few – These in turn help you reduce costs.

In a nutshell we are here to help you reduce both capital and operational costs and increase productivity and profitability of your company 


Our vision:  is derived by a quote by Buddha:
Health is the greatest gift; contentment is the greatest wealth and faithfulness is the best relationship “ 

Our vision is to use technology to continuously improve the lives of our fellow citizens. Enhance efficiency, reduce waste, save lives, increase profitability & return of investments (ROI), and cultivate healthy working environments. We believe innovation that save lives, increase prosperity and empowers citizenry to achieve their maximum potentials and to leave no one behind as together we can build an equitable society with shared responsibility.  


  1. Helping Customers Succeed
  2. Striving for Excellence
  3. Continuous Innovation
  4. Teamwork
  5. Openness and Inclusiveness
  6. Saving lives through technology.
  7. Transparency and Honesty
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