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Siliconfusion Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) are advanced applications aims to provide innovative services relating to different modes of transport and traffic management and enable various users to be better informed and make safer, more coordinated, and smarter use of transport networks. 

Siliconfusion Advanced Public Transportation Management System (APTMS) supports the transport management with technological, environmentally friendly and economic expertise. It offers the dispatchers a constant overview of all operational processes. Any errors or abnormally are quickly detected, isolated and resolved in a safer way.

Automatic bus location announcement systems

In olden days location announcement was done with the help of speakers, nowadays bus location can be found with the help of Geo Positioning satellites. With an integrated voice announcement system, an automated bus location system enables the relay of location-specific and relevant information such as announcements for current and/or next stops, alerts on approaching stops, or warnings on anticipated delays due to the current state of traffic. Thus, it will effectively relieve the burden on bus drivers and provide good service to passengers. Siliconfusion bus location announcement system is applicable to various routes.

Automatic passenger counting systems (APC system)

APC systems are electronic machines that count the number of passengers boarding and disembarking at every bus stop. Based on current and updated passenger numbers, it makes the transport companies effectively keep track of transport demand. And passenger numbers from vehicle can be aggregated accurately, helping public transport companies identify transport demand in good/bad time and simulate adaptations on the network level. It is our goal to balance passenger satisfaction and company profits.


Siliconfusion automatic passenger counter uses state-of-art detection technology and can be installed on buses, coaches, tour buses, etc. It is mainly used for passenger counting and accuracy rate is as high as 97-98% according to sample statistics. The device adapts to different lights and weather conditions. Besides, it also accurately detects when people board and disembark the bus.



After the vehicle arrives at the station, the system detects the door opening signal.




The passenger model collected by the system through the upper and lower door collection devices, through the passenger flow statistics device



Passenger identification analysis and counting.




Stop counting after the door is closed.




Combine the current time information, site information and other data for summary association.



Upload the passenger flow information of the station to the central platform.



Not only locate the moving passengers, but also determine the height of the passengers, distinguishing between children and adults.



The function value of bus passenger flow is realized by the platform, which mainly makes the management personnel understand the passenger flow situation and the change law of passenger flow. Vehicle scheduling is reasonably based on data rather than taking it for granted. Avoid overcrowding and long waiting times for passengers, resulting in poor experience. Avoid running vehicles and too few passengers, resulting in high operating costs.


Understand whether the actual passenger flow and the charge collected is equivalent.


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