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Fuel, Liquid Flowmeters

Fuel flow meter

DFM fuel flow meter is designed for fuel consumption measurement of vehicles and stationary machines, and for monitoring machinery operation hours in different engine working modes. DFM also can be used for monitoring of heating oil and other liquids with kinematic viscosity of 1.5-6 mm2/s.

Differential flow meter

DFM D differential fuel flow meter is designed for diesel fuel consumption measurement of vehicles and stationary engines, which has Common Rail or pump nozzle fuel injection systems. DFM D also provides information on flow rate in feed and return lines and can be used for monitoring consumption of heating oil and other similar liquids.

Wireless fuel and oil flow meter

DFM S7 – new fuel flow meters with wireless data transfer over BLE (Bluetooth low energy). Data on fuel consumption (fuel rate) and vehicle operation time is sent simultaneously to several devices: for telematics and remote machinery monitoring purposes – to GPS tracker, for autonomous fuel monitoring – to a smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth.

Flow meter for heavy machinery

DFM Marine is a fuel/oil flow meter used for heavy machinery and measures flow rates up to 4,000 L/h. It provides information on fuel consumption and machinery operation hours, including breakdown to various operation modes.  DFM Marine can be used as a part of telematics or GPS tracking systems, as well as autonomous solution for fuel monitoring.

Industrial flow meter

DFM Industrial is designed for accurate flow rate measurement of fuel and other liquids used in sea and river vessels, fuel delivery from truck tankers, in high-power diesel generator sets and boilers, in petrochemical, utilities and other industrial applications (IIoT).

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