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IoT Video Telematic Solutions for Fleet Safety

Siliconfusion Video telematics solutions use advance AI-powered integrated dashcam to assist fleet managers to enhance safety of their asset, drivers, passengers, etc.  Our solution mitigates against an unlawful driver behaviour to ensure driver’s conformity of the road safety regulation to reduce operational and maintenance costs. Increase overall fleet safety through both offline and real-time driver coaching. Our advance AI-powered Dashcam provide the following solution:

Make better use of the fleet with real-time visibility

Never lose sight of your fleet and driver. With real-time GPS tracking, live streaming video, insightful analytical reports, fuel consumption control, driving behaviour monitoring, routing management, alarm and notification system, you can view vehicle inspection information all from our trusted platform.

Protect your commercial vehicles and coach your drivers

With the help of our ADAS technology, fleet managers can gain Realtime information into drivers’ behaviour on the road obtained from our video telematics devices installed in the vehicle.

Our Dash-Cam can alert and warn drivers when the following driving behaviour are detected:

DROWSINESS: Yawning & Eyelid Movement

Collisions are more likely to happen when a driver fails to respond quickly in the event of a dangerous situation. Research has revealed that 85% of drivers involved in fatigue-related accidents are male, and more than one third are aged under 30 years, including shift workers, truck drivers and company car drivers.


DISTRACTION: Calling,Drinking and lack of contraction

Research has shown that drivers are four times more likely to be involved in an accident when making a phone call – regardless of whether they are holding the phone or using a hands-free device. Distracted drivers took two and a quarter seconds to respond to dangerous situations compared with a second for drivers who were not distracted, according to a study by the University of Sussex and Open University

AGGRESSIVE DRIVING: Sharp Turn, hash Acceleration, Harsh Braking

Aggressive driving: The use of a motor vehicle in a deliberate and aggressive manner that is likely to endanger life by increasing the risk of a collision”.

This behavior is usually motivated by impatience, annoyance, hostility or an attempt to save time



Minimize your liability & risk

Context is important for harsh driving events. When unsafe driving behaviour occurs, you can view the dashcam video to better understand what happened before and after, and provide video evidence in the event of a false insurance claim. Siliconfusion  AI-powered dash-cam system and cloud Platform is designed for such situations.


Enhanced Safety with Better Response

In emergency cases, the driver can make emergency calls by pressing the panic button, and the operator or manager can also perform remote control in time. Through real-time supervision and situational awareness, fleet manager is able to assist drivers immediately and optimize response.

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