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Technology doesn't really like me. Is it easy to use?

We work hard to make our GPS fleet tracking software nice to look at, user friendly and focused on helping you get stuff done. When you join us we guide you every step of the way with our new user onboarding program and access to lots of training guides if you need them.

Will I need expensive computer hardware?

No. The great thing with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is that all you need is a computer that can connect to the internet running a modern browser. You can even use just your Android or Apple device to access key information about your fleet vehicles and today’s jobs.

How is fuel consumption measured by Siliconfusion System ?

We have three main solution for measuring the fuel consumption. At first, you can use fuel sensor, which is established on fuel tank. Another way is using calculating fuel consumption based on Siliconfusion System data and fleet features; finally, fuel consumption is calculate based on ECU and CAN bus data. We also have local support teams who can assist you, either over the phone or via email. Yes, it’s powerful software with lots of features but it’s also designed to be quick and easy to use for anyone who just likes to ‘get in and drive.’

Is it possible to setup reminders for custom service/maintenance tasks ?

Yes, you can add service reminders for more service types by selecting the event and data limitation

Will I be checking reports at my desk all day?

Only if you want to. Our fleet tracking software offers plenty of options for managers on the go including mobile apps and alerts that go directly to your phone. You’ll have quick access to a range of key information about your fleet’s current performance, wherever your day takes you.

How is your software different from other GPS tracking service providers?

There are lots of GPS vehicle tracking service providers who only sell one thing. It means if you need something else for your fleet – ELD, route planning, dispatch, work order management – then you need to go through the whole selection process again and deal with another supplier. And then if you want these different solutions to talk to each other, that’s a whole other conversation. Siliconfusion is one of the few providers that can provide you with a full end-to-end platform solution that covers your mobile resource management needs now, and into the future

How will my drivers react to GPS tracking?

In most cases it depends on the reasons why you want to use it, and how you explain it to them. If you want to use it to improve the efficiency, security and safety of your business, and help mobile workers to get more done, with less paperwork and phone calls, then most employees will understand that. They’ll also appreciate you’re making an effort to keep the business profitable and improving their job security. If they think it’s been done because you don’t trust them then they may not be as welcoming.

How do I know this fleet tracking software is right for my business?

Ask a lot of questions! An online demo is the perfect opportunity to do that. Why not book one today? Our fleet vehicle tracking system is designed to be flexible and adapt to the unique needs of businesses of all sizes, from all around the world.

What if my needs change?

We understand that as your business grows our fleet tracking software needs to adapt. Our flexible platform and access to the full range of mobile resource management products makes it easy to add solutions over time. Simply contact your customer success manager and discuss your new requirements.

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