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Knowing a vehicle’s current location, previous location status, movement, and track history is crucial for all car-sharing and rental service providers. Gain full control of your fleet with our solutions – prevent theft with remote car lock management, receive notifications of possible contract violations, and monitor driver behaviour and locations where the vehicles are driven is critical and important to make real-time decisions. 


Automobiles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, scooters, and other vehicular theft is one of the world’s biggest concerns and the fastest growing crimes in many countries around the world. This poses a great challenge for car rental agencies, corporate carsharing agencies, businesses, state organizations, and private car owners.


There is a growing trend of car-sharing services offered and used by private individuals, companies, and public institutions alike. These client groups, even though different, all seek comfortable and efficient use of vehicles. Reasons to use such services include fleet optimization, convenience, a sudden need for vehicles, business trips, trips abroad, etc.

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