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Siliconfusion, provide SIP [Sessional Initiation Protocol] telephony consultancy and implementation to small, medium and enterprise businesses.

We deliver solutions that enhances business mobility, unified communications (UC) and collaboration services.

Siliconfusion Provide advance SIP technology that Can help your employees work productively from anywhere using voice apps on their smartphones, Conduct remote business meetings via web conferencing without requiring apps.

The SIP telephony system is a cutting edge telecommunication technology infrastructure which delivers superior HD quality voice and video calls at the fraction of the cost of the traditional analogue hardware based PBX [Private Branch Exchange] telephone system.

Our SIP solution  is a global business phone system that works like you do and relatively 70-80% cheaper than traditional phone system.

Traditional phone systems or Hardware PBX  appliances are difficult to scale and extremely expensive due to additional hardware cost.  Add more extensions and you are hit by licensing costs, underpowered hardware or you run out of ports

The advantage of using Siliconfusion solution  is that the technology  is scalable, expandable, highly secure [end-to-end encryption] & feature-rich.

 Our cloud and on-premise PBX can be installed on any windows operating system or Linux Debian Destros, and can be deployed in less than 5hr or day depending on customer’s need.

The client part of software called softphone  can be installed on existing android phones, tablets, iPhone, laptops as an extension to your office desktop phones. This means office users will not miss important phone calls when they are away from their desk as calls can be transferred or routed automatically to their mobile devices with zero cost to the user(s).

1.        High-Level Benefit

·          Ability to allow both internal and mobile users to make internal and external calls.

·          Ability to Make or Schedule Video and Voice Conference Calls, Call Transfers, Call Parking.

·          Ability to schedule web meetings and perform presentation screen sharing using webRTC

·          Ability to interface existing analogue phones

·          Ability to incorporate automated routing of calls and notifications based on business rules

·          Call tracking capability

·          Ability to record both outgoing and incoming calls.

·          Ability to have IVR [Digital Receptionist] to answer and route calls automatically without user intervention.

·          Ability to Use Multiple DIDs

·          Setup Busy lamp Field [BLF], Voice Mails, Call forwarding.

·          More Secure unified communication with backup and achieving of call data for disaster recovery.

·          Softphone software client can also be installed on desktop computers or laptops to perform the same function as hardware phones is will reduce the cost of buying or leasing hardware phones.

·          Connect remote offices – eliminate interoffice call charges

·          Teleworkers or traveling sales people, field engineers make free office calls

·          Save on monthly call costs using SIP trunks

·          No per extension licensing, one low price per PBX

·          Self-host or run on own hardware on Windows or Linux

·          Easily self-manage, no additional training is required

·          Open-platform – choose your IP Phones & SIP Trunks


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