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Siliconfusion Tracking is tailored to the very need of our customers, Whether our customer requirement is: Asset Tracking, Video Telematics, Personal Tracking, Logistics, Light Vehicle Tracking, Marine Vessel, Drones, Stationary  Machinery, Fuel Usage, Delivery, Health and Safety, and Private Tracking.

Our dedicated sales and technical team will be able to fulfil your business requirement. Our customers can also use our online assessment tool to submit their request in the comfort of their Chairs

         Our Subscription Service comprises the following:

  • Server and Software – Our user friendly web and app base software with secure login are provided to our customers to track their assets.
  • 24/7 Technical and customer Service Support. – Our technical and customer services are available 24/7 to assist our customers in troubleshooting and also assist them with their queries.
  • Onboarding/After sales Training – We provide our customers with free periodic training and to drive maximum usage and benefit of our Tracking platform and new feature to enhance their technical knowledge.
  • Report Customization: Is limited to our PREMIUM customers  and customers who take up Premium service also enjoy monthly activity summary report of their GPS trackers to enhance their decision making process.

We currently provide more than 6 nominal service plans and customized service plans based on our customer needs.

Please feel free to use our online assessment tool and we will get back to you as soon as possible


In just a few easy steps, our interactive product tool lets you match the right solution to your unique needs.

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