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Benefits of using Personal GPS Tracking Systems

Personal safety is an important issue and protecting our loved ones is always our priority. As Siliconfusion, we strive to provide our customers with the latest technology personal tracking devices that can be used to create additional layers of protection for their family members and help them in times of emergency. Personal GPS tracking devices can be easily attached to a person or a vehicle to keep an eye on them. Our advanced GPS tracking devices provide their wearers and caretakers with a heightened sense of security and peace of mind.

Personal locators are essential in protecting vulnerable loved ones. Children and senior family members are always at risk of wandering or falling victim to dangerous criminals. Siliconfusion Personal Tracking Devices can make a difference in the quality of the lives of your loved ones as well as your valuable employees. The reassurance personal trackers bring to the table is one of the main reasons why they have become so popular in the last few years. Parents, caretakers, field managers and other responsible parties can take advantage of these small, yet effective devices to protect their loved ones and employees against the dangers that await them.

Child Protection

In our modern age, children of all ages have multiple activities they attend during the day in addition to the school. Playing in the local park, soccer practices, dance lessons and going to playdates are common occurrences in their daily lives these days but these activities also put our precious children at risk. The slightest oversight in supervision may result in a missing case or being targeted by a criminal. However, Siliconfusion Personal Tracking Devices can ensure that your children are safe at all times with their advanced geolocation capabilities, event alerts and robust tools such as a panic button. Should the worst happen and your child goes missing, you will be able to locate them within minutes with the help of our cutting-edge tracking software – GPSLive – and alert the authorities. Another excellent tool in protecting our children is the fall alert; personal tracking devices are designed to detect falls by analysing its internal G-sensor and notify the parents and other responsible parties about the incident. With a near-instant notification, family members can send medical aid immediately or rush to their side. Siliconfusion Personal Devices are equipped with a panic button that can be pressed to send an alarm to family members and caretakers in the event of an emergency. SOS button is an essential tool in providing our children with a way to alert family members in case of an emergency. Children can use the panic button when they feel unsafe or injure themselves and the device will send an instant notification to family members via GPSLive.

Elderly Monitoring

Cognitive diseases have a big impact on the lives of elderly people. There is a 60% chance that senior citizens with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia will wander and go missing resulting in a major injury or worse. As their caretakers and loved ones, family members always have a hard time keeping track of these vulnerable people as they are likely to forget even where their home is located. Siliconfusion Personal Tracking Devices can help alleviate the fears of family members and carers with their powerful tools and monitoring capabilities. Our personal locators are extremely small and light devices that can easily be carried on their person; even if a senior citizen experiences symptoms of Alzheimer’s and wander outside the safety of their home, effective tools such as geofence zones and real-time tracking will help the carers to locate the missing patient and bring them back safely. Elderly family members can improve the quality of their lives with a Siliconfusion Personal tracking device on them; they can visit their friends again, go for walks or socialize with their neighbours knowing that their personal locators will keep them safe. Personal tracking devices are a boon for ageing relatives with advanced features such as panic button and fall sensors as a backup. Senior citizens can press the panic button on their personal GPS trackers if they find themselves in an unfamiliar location and help their caretakers locate them with the help of GPSLive. Due to their age, elderly citizens are more prone to experience a fall and having a cognitive disease such as Alzheimer’s can turn a simple collapse into a disaster. The fall sensors onboard personal locators can detect sudden drops and alert the specified contacts allowing family members and carers to rush to their aid or send medical aid preventing a trivial injury from turning into a life and death situation.

Teenage Driver Monitoring

Battery-powered Personal Tracking Devices can be placed in the vehicle of a teenage driver who has recently gotten their licence. Siliconfusion’s advanced tracking software –GPSLive – provides our users with vital information about their children’s driving habits such as speeding and harsh acceleration as well as their real-time location and route history. Worried parents can create safe and unsafe zones for their teenage children and receive alerts, should the tracking device enters or leaves one of the specified zones. Keeping teenage children safe is a challenge but with the help of Siliconfusion Personal Tracking Devices, you can keep an eye on their driving habits and their movements at all times.

Lone Worker Protection

People who work in remote locations to perform maintenance or work without supervision are always at risk of getting involved in accidents. Companies who employ lone workers have to make sure that their employees have multiple safety measures in place in case of an emergency as well as having the means to locate them in these situations. Siliconfusion Personal Tracking Devices are designed to assist employees who perform their duties alone and in isolated areas. Field managers can utilise GPSLive to check the location of their workers regularly and request for help from authorities in case of work-related injuries and accidents.

Siliconfusion Personal Tracking Devices are armed with modern features that can provide additional layers of protection for lone workers such as fall sensor, panic button, geofence zone alerts and real-time tracking. Lone workers can be trained to use panic buttons in dire situations that require outside help while fall alert feature will automatically inform the responsible managers about a dangerous incident that occurs immediately. Personal locators are ideal to protect employees regardless of their location and working environments and provide employers with multiple ways to locate their distressed employees and send assistance depending on the situation.

How can we protect children and elderly relatives with Alzheimer’s with Personal Tracking Devices?

One of the most effective ways to ensure that your children and elderly patients stay safe is creating geofence zones around specific locations that will trigger an alert in case of unplanned movements. As an example, if your student child leaves the school area 3 hours early and head for an unsafe part of the town, you will be able to track them down immediately and alert the authorities about the dangerous situation. 6 out of 10 elder citizens with Alzheimer’s are likely to wonder and the preset zones in the neighbourhood will trigger an alert to notify the caretakers and prevent them from going missing or getting injured. Time is of the essence when children and senior citizens are involved; Siliconfusion Personal Tracking Devices will alert you almost instantly about any important event and help you protect your beloved children and elderly relatives.

How do you decide which personal tracker is best for you?

You should always choose a personal tracking device depending on your requirements and who will be carrying the device. The protective measures and features may vary depending on the brand and the model of the tracking devices such as battery life and panic button, that’s why it is important to determine the list of tools you will need out of your personal GPS tracker. You can find detailed explanations of our Personal Tracking Devices on our website and decide which one is best for your loved ones or employees.

What are the distinct advantages of Personal Tracking Devices?

Personal tracking devices are designed with safety and endurance in mind; specific features such as SOS button, fall alarm, regular check-ins are embedded in the tracking device to make sure your loved ones and employees are safe at all times. Emergency situations are considered time-sensitive, that is why the sensors and event alerts provide instant notifications about all important events which are critical in informing the authorities for a quick rescue operation or a medical intervention. The specified event alerts such as fall alert or geofence breaches will help determine the type of help distressed people will be needing and real-time location tracking will ensure they are found immediately.

As one of the leading GPS tracking device providers in the UK, Siliconfusion offers Personal GPS Tracking devices for people who want to keep an eye of their loved ones and to view their location in real-time. Our tracking devices will arrive pre-configured and ready-to-use right out of the box allowing you to start tracking your loved ones immediately. All you will have to do is to log in to GPSLive and you will be able to keep track of your children, Alzheimer’s patients, delivery personnel or lone workers. Our state-of-the-art tracking software – GPSLive – will be instrumental in keeping you updated about all emergencies with alerts and notifications and assist you in monitoring their movements by broadcasting their location in real-time. As long as your family members and employees are equipped with a Siliconfusion Personal Tracking Device, they will be safer against the dangers of the outside world.

Siliconfusion offers Personal GPS Tracking devices for people who want to keep track of their loved ones and to view their location in real-time. Personal tracking devices are essential in tracking and locating children, seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and lone workers who work in remote locations. Personal trackers are designed to assist employees in an emergency with a built-in SOS button that will alert a manager instantly. Whether it is your spouse, your child or your employee, our personal GPS trackers will keep you informed by broadcasting their location.

Personal GPS tracking devices will be shipped out pre-configured, so all you have to do is to log in to our cutting-edge cloud GPS Tracking software and locate people in real-time. Siliconfusion software app allows you to locate children, elderly, delivery personnel, Alzheimer’s’ patients or assets in real-time, anywhere in the world. Siliconfusion offers battery-powered small tracking devices for personal and asset tracking. Depending on your requirements we offer portable trackers with a battery life starting from 7 days up to 5 years as well as GPS or GNSS modules for global coverage.


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