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Vehicle theft, inappropriate use, diversion of transit goods, etc are major concerns of the fleet managers, private and public transportation businesses.

GPS trackers provide valuable data for business efficiency and secure vehicles against, in appropriate usage and thefts. Whilst this is true, The bad guys sometimes try to target the guarding dog, in this case the GPS trackers themselves by stealing them for the purpose to sell them, sabotaged by reconfiguring with fault parameters, or hacked to steal sensitive data. To prevent unauthorized access to the trackers, Our devices has inbuilt additional security measures to counter such attacks.


Business owner faces challenges to monitor their vehicle, face excess delays in getting their cargos deliver safely and timely manner.

Our Vehicle trackers store sensitive data for businesses and has various features to help fleet managers to arrange optimal routes to avoid delays, reduce fuel consumption, get timely maintenance, secure their cargo and their vehicles. Without  GPS trackers, businesses are unable to monitor their vehicle, and that can lead to serious consequences and loss of income.

Stealing a tracker or overtaking its control can cause tremendous issues for  businesses.

Our tracking solutions offer much more than just a simple tracking. A wide range of functionalities is available and – what is most important – we provide secure connectivity for all our devices.


Provisioning a new tracking device with a robust password, pin, or keyword before using the tracker is a must. Provisioning a tracker out of the box without reconfiguring it for security purposes is one of the most common mistakes that of our competitor’s make. However, it is easy to correct this by creating strong passwords (at least 8 characters: a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and minimum one special character). Failing to make these changes makes it simple for the thieves to gain access to the trackers since they might know or find out the original settings.

With Siliconfusion options for secure connections, it becomes hard to steal or sabotage the trackers. All our tracking devices support the safety measures listed below,

Granting of Access

Access to our platform is provided on need-to-know bases. And is limited only to an authorised users.


In some special case such as vehicle theft, You can use SMS login and SMS password to access send command to disable  and stop the vehicle engine via SMS commands.

For an additional security via SMS, you can add telephone numbers to the authorized number list in the our devices. In this case The trackers will ignore all commands coming from the numbers that are not listed in the in device memory , thus, nobody else will be able to configure the devices or sabotage them.

Siliconfusion APP

By using Siliconfusion  application on smartphones and filling up a pin for pairing with a tracker or adding your device to configurator authorized devices MAC list, you can see every detail about your device, including primary information, GNSS, GSM, I/O elements status, OBD, and LV-CAN200/ALL-CAN300 live data. To set up tracker via Bluetooth connection, you need to insert keyword and the application will allow you to change your server IP address, port, and APN data on the device.


For a direct connection from the trackers can send encrypted data with TLS or DTLS protocols that ensure the security of server and tracker communication.


There are safety concerns about personal smartphones and mobile devices connecting to trackers. Private phones are more vulnerable to hacker attacks than servers connected to a company network. Many companies offer inexpensive mobile software that encrypts data traffic or monitors phones for suspicious activity. While the threats have been minimal and more of an annoyance so far, they are something to keep an eye on. For a secure connection, you can use a SIM card with VPN connection support. VPN allows you to create a safe connection to another network over the Internet and secure your browsing activity.



Security options for various devices – be asured that siliconfusion trackers are safe to use in your business with different security options (keywords, logins, passwords, pins, and authorized number lists) for all kinds of devices (phones, smartphones, computers, servers, and our app) making your data secure.

Secure data sending – VPN data encryption

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