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Preventing fuel thefts

Machine running time tracking

Monitoring of fuel tank fueling and draining

Emergency fuel balance

Remote monitoring of diesel generator includes fuel consumption monitoring and monitoring of engine operation parameters. Such kind of monitoring helps to plan timely refueling and maintenance, also it is good way to determine and prevent fuel thefts and generator breakdown.

Technoton’s  solution for diesel generators is based on accurate tools for fuel consumption measurement: DFM fuel flow meters are mounted in fuel line, DUT-E fuel level sensors are installed in fuel tanks – all fuel sensors are connected together through S6 telematics bus, which is a single calbe for power-supplying all the device and receiving signal to CANUp telematics gateway. Received data is processed by CANUp and sent to web-based ORF4 telematics service (or directly to user by SMS, e-mail or via messenger.) Also, it is possible to organize autonomous solution using DFM fuel counter – no external power supply needed, no monthly costs for data transfer, all information is available on electronic display (LCD) of DFM fuel flow meter.

Telematics system based on differential flowmeter DFM D and  online gateway CAN-Up  is suitable for precise determination of fuel consumption and monitoring of engine operating parameters.

Information about  fuel consumption,  engine operating time transmis to online terminal in real time and vailable for user in form of reports and diagrams.

This solution ensures:

  • Accounting for the actual fuel consumption of the diesel generator;
  • Identification and prevention of theft of fuel;
  • Accounting for the actual running time of the engine in the modes (starter, optimal, full load);
  • Real-Time Monitoring;
  • Protection from the “wrap-up” of the testimony, the warning about interference.

Usage cases

Solar energy company

Task: control of fuel consumption at diesel-solar plants.

Solution : installation of DFM fuel flowmeters.

Result: customer knows volume of fuel consumption on his equipment and accurately determines his income from project.


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