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What is Vehicle Tracking System ?

Vehicle tracking system is a typical combination of the hardware and software, which enables the user to know each activity and the movement information, at any point of time, from anywhere and by any authorized users

What is Asset Tracking?

Asset Tracking is a system of managing equipment (generally high-value assets such as generators, tools or OHVs using GPS tracking devices, barcodes or RFID tags. It is used to improve security and utilisation of a company’s assets. Assets tracked using a GPS tracking device are easiest to manage and offer a greater depth of data than barcodes and RFID tags. Barcodes and RFID tags require specialised scanning equipment and are generally used solely to track assets for accounting or storage purposes. Assets that are tracked using GPS can transmit their location using the cellular or satellite network, or a combination of the two (known as dual-mode) to make sure reporting is not interrupted when an asset moves outside the cellular network. GPS tracking devices can be self-powered (with batteries lasting up to four years depending on their reporting rate) or hard-wired into the asset’s power source. Industries that commonly use Asset Tracking include construction, farming, oil, gas and mining. Asset Tracking can be used to improve the accuracy and efficiency of maintenance by reporting their current mechanical health and status (e.g. engine hours)

Why do I need a tracker?

A: There are many reasons you may need a GPS tracking device. Here are some of them: Locate a vehicle in case of theft Monitor the driving behavior of your teenage driver Helps you enforce a driving contract you may have with your teenage driver Know where the vehicle is and where it has been Know if and when a speed limit is violated Know if and when a geofence is breached Know if and when the vehicle is used during after hours To monitor Fuel Consumption on vehicle. To Prevent Fuel theft Trackers with Passenger counter capability can be used to count onboarding passengers and disembark.

What is Telematics

A combination of the words telecommunications and informatics, it was the joining of these two sciences that resulted in the field of telematics

How GPS base tracking system works ?

A vehicle tracking system using GPS obtain the location, speed, direction and time data made available via satellite from the Global Positioning System to the GPS receiver unit installed in a vehicle and transmits it to a central computer (Server) connected to a private GSM network or the Internet.

What if I am outside GSM coverage area?

A: Your device will store up outgoing messages until it is connected to the GSM network. When the GSM network resumes the data will stream back to server. Nothing will miss.

What if I go inside a building and lose GPS signal?

A: Your device stores your location when you enter the building and once outside and moving it will start updating your location again. The same applies to tunnels.

I am unable to get my first location for more than 2 minutes. Is there anything wrong?

A: If this problem takes place then please ensure the following steps- 1. There should be no nearby tall buildings or houses. 2. Antenna signal will not pass through metallic or magic type tint. 3. Vehicle should not be moving when trying to get your first fix. 4. Units should not be placed or covered behind metal objects. 5. Acquiring your first location should take only 30 seconds to 1 minute with a good GPS signal in the area. If the signal receiving process take too long, simply remove the unit’s power and re-insert it again – this re-starts the search process.

Why are my Maps not displaying?

A: If the GSM network is available, your device will turn to LBS location when you enter the building , the accuracy not accurate as GPS location. Once outside and get GPS signals, it will start to upload your GPS location again. The same applies to tunnels.

How do I access my account?

Yes. You will be provided with an online account and given a personal login and password of your choice. You will also be given the website address of your GPS tracking website. Any computer with a working standard Internet browser is required to login and locate your vehicle.

What is a Geofence?

A: A Geofence is a virtual perimeter on a geographic area using a location-based service, so that when the Geofencing vehicle enters or exits the area an alert is generated. The alert can contain information about the location and speed of the vehicle and may be sent to a mobile telephone or an email account.

What happens if driver drive in an area that has poor wireless coverage ?

The GPS device continues to collect and store information even if drivers are driving in an area that does not have wireless coverage. The unit then transmits this data when the vehicle comes back into the wireless coverage area.

Why is the location incorrect sometimes ?

Either vehicle location may be incorrectly reported sometimes or off by a few meters because buildings may affect the availability and quality of GPS signals, natural obstacles, weather conditions and satellite availability.

What kind of alerts will I receive?

A:You can choose to set and receive the following alerts ⦁ ⦁ Speed Alert: When the vehicle speed exceeds the set speed. ⦁ Tow Alert:When the vehicle moves while the ignition is off. ⦁ Geofence Alert:When the vehicle enters or leaves a Geofenced area. ⦁ Battery Cut Alert:When the vehicle battery connection is cut. ⦁ Vibration Alert:When the vehicle is shake while the ignition is off. ⦁ Device low Battery AlertWhen device battery is low ⦁ SOS AlertFor emergency situations. ⦁ Low Power Protection Alert:When car battery voltage is low. ⦁ Power Off Alert:When the device is turned off. All these alarms can be set using our web based application, and emails are sent when the alerts are triggered.

Can I have my logo and domain customized in the login page?

A: Yes. Siliconfusion offer free service for logo and domain customization for 200+ units order.

Can I have my own logo customized on mobile APP?

A:  Yes. You could have your own logo on mobile APP. Note: If you are using, Siliconfusion could place your APP as QR code in your login page as below. But Siliconfusion would not be responsible for APP uploading to Google play and Apple store.

Does Siliconfusion tracking system charge for monthly/yearly fee?

A: Siliconfusion charges for a device per yearly. Yearly platform fee is paid in advance always.

How many devices can Siliconfusion tracking system support?

A: The capability mainly depends on the performance of your server. Normally it is able to support a few thousands devices.

How many devices can Siliconfusion tracking system support?

A: The capability mainly depends on the performance of your server. Normally it is able to support a few thousands devices.

Can I create and manage sub-account?

A: Yes. You have the admin authority to create and manage sub-account, transfer and monitor its devices.

Why my device shows LBS not GPS location?

A: For vehicle tracker, it’s probably caused by poor GPS signal indoor/in the garage/surrounded by high buildings. Test the device in open air. For personal tracker, the GPS is defaulted as closed. Please set the working time on the platform to activate the GPS. Test the device in open air

Why my device shows logged off/offline?

A: ⦁ Ensure the SIM card inserted supports 2G network;GSM indicator is working normally. ⦁ Ensure the SIM card has enough credit. ⦁ Ensure the GPRS function is working well with the SIM card. ⦁ Check the setting of APN and Server is correct

How should we connect to devices ( Technically ) ?

Siliconfusion device is connected to the specific electrical components of the vehicle behind the dashboard without any damaging to vehicles guarantees. The device is then provisioned in our platform to send data to our platform Our device can connect to the ECU with CANbus connection. After that this system, hardware and software, will send the data with GPRS network, which is provided by SIM and operator. Indeed, SIM should put into the device before installing.

What types of sensors are available ?

Siliconfusion device support not only wire-needed sensors but also it can integrated with sensors and accessories based on Bluetooth connectivity. Sensors such as fuel sensor, axle load sensor, driver identification device, temperature sensor, iButton device, or any call device can be connect to it.

Is there a tracking device for people?

Of course Yes. Siliconfusion has devices and mobile applications that can track people, animal, assets, and vehicle.

What is the guarantee Siliconfusion why not spy on their customer?

We not spy on our customers, Users has controller over their password, and Siliconfusion does not control users passwords to login into their systems. We only focus on device features, which primary goal is vehicle operational cost reduction, fuel theft prevention, vehicle security, accident prevention, theft prevention, vehicle maintenance schedules, real time vehicle monitoring, etc. GPS tracker is not only provided for vehicle. Customer should be aware of Siliconfusion features that manage their fleet and vehicles. For instance, repair and maintenance cost is the most significant factors for logistics manager and vehicle owners. With GPS trackers driver can get alarm for repair and maintenance services. Another important cost of cars is fuel cost. If driver were aware of GPS role in fuel consumption eliminating, they would be eager to use that device. In addition to cost decreasing, preventing of car thieves or calculating the fare based on real data are another reason that can affect consumers. In the case of theft of the car and the lack of Internet connection in the phone is there a way to know the location of the car ? Our device can prevent and save data while SIM does not have internet connection, once the internet connection be create again all miss data will send to server.

Do I need a professional installer?

A: It depends. If you have a person with basic vehicle electrical knowledge, then you should be able to install the units. We have designed our devices with ease of installation in mind and we also provide an installation guide. Each unit must be connected to an ignition source, a constant power source (vehicle battery) and chassis ground. Siliconfusion provides all needed cabling and fuse kits. If you do need a professional installer, Siliconfusion has a list of installers around the country that you can contract with directly. You should expect to pay between Tk 800 and Tk 3000 depending on your geographic location. You should try to negotiate with the installer; you can usually get a better price if you bring the vehicles to the installer or if you can give the installer access to all your vehicles at once (such as during weekends, nights or after hours).

How long after I place my order will it ship?

A: Siliconfusion has streamlined the order and activation process by stocking all necessary items. In most cases, we can activate and ship your order within 24 hours. After your paperwork is completed and sent to us, Siliconfusion activates, tests and packages your units for shipment. In fact, when you receive your tracking units, they will already have reported GPS information to your Siliconfusion Tracking Platform . All these steps ensure that your new tracking system is ready to be implemented the moment it arrives at your doorstep.

Can I view my vehicles from any internet enabled PC?

A: Yes, you can as long as it is connected to the internet! Of course it is worth noting that the faster the connection speed, the faster our software will run

Can I view my vehicles from any internet enabled PC?

A: Yes, you can as long as it is connected to the internet! Of course it is worth noting that the faster the connection speed, the faster our software will run

Can I view the vehicles and the reports from my phone?

A: Yes, our software can be accessed from any internet-enabled mobile phone. We also have a mobile app available for download in the Google Play Store as well as the iOS App Store. Just visit to download the apps or access the tracking platform.

Do I have a no extra charge guarantee?

A: Yes, there are no hidden charges with Siliconfusion!

Is there a visible antenna on the vehicle?

A: No, the vehicle tracking unit is installed in a discreet, inaccessible location. Do you have a 30 day money back guarantee policy? A: Absolutely. We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. In the case where our services do not satisfy your needs, we provide to all our customers a 30 day money back guarantee. Just send us back the GPS tracking device with all its accessories and pay for shipping and handling.

Do I have to recharge the tracking device?

A: No. All our vehicle tracking device receives continuous power from the vehicle. It does not require recharging.

Is there any warranty on the tracking device?

A: Yes, we have a (1) one year warranty replacement plan on hardware defects.

What types of tracking systems are there?

A: There are two types of GPS Tracking Systems: Real Time tracking systems: This type of system will collect the information of the vehicle and send it immediately or every 30 seconds to the servers that will process the information. This type of system is ideal when it is a priority to have an on-line, instant control of the vehicles activities.

Does Siliconfusion GPS tracker need a SIM card?

A: Yes, think of your tracker as another phone. You insert a SIM card and that phone number is where you send your text messages to.

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