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Automobiles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, scooters, and other vehicular theft is one of the world’s biggest concerns and the fastest growing crimes in many countries around the world. This poses a great challenge for car rental agencies, corporate carsharing agencies, businesses, state organizations, and private car owners. The impact of such sophisticated crime costs about $6.4 billion globally in 2019 according to an FBI report[]. The good is, Siliconfusion GPS trackers have a remote secure engine cut-off (SECO) functionality that can help to recover a stolen vehicle and prevent the loss.



As statistics show it all over the world, most of these heinous crimes are orchestrated by local and international organized crime. These actions sometimes lead to loss of life and financial complication for the rightful vehicle and motor owners. These actions normally take a few minutes


According to the UK DVLA report, Staggering DVLA figures on car thefts obtained by Rivervale Leasing reveal 56,288 motors were stolen by criminals in 2019, which equates to 154 per day or one every nine minutes. The Association of British Insurers puts the costs of vehicle thefts and thefts from vehicles at a mammoth £376 million per year, this trend is growing globally.


Some known methods used by thieves to steal motor vehicles are theft of an unattended vehicle without a key; taking a vehicle without owner’s consent (twocking); opportunistic theft; carjacking; fraudulent theft; joyriding; frosting; Keyless-Go systems theft and so on.


Aside from Vehicle and motor theft most vehicle owners are facing, erratic and intentionally inappropriate driver behaviour, unauthorized use of rental cars causes a faster engine, tires, and components wear, extra fuel consumption, traffic accidents, road infrastructure damage and may result in a substantial amount of expenses for owners and business over time.


While other remote vehicles disabling systems available in the market have some drawbacks, Siliconfusion has come with the most secure and efficient solution by far – SECO.



Keeping in mind the scale of motor vehicle thefts and the demand for a solution in the market, Siliconfusion introduced a remote vehicle disabling system in its GPS line of trackers known as secure engine cut-off or SECO. This functionality is available in any of our trackers with one or more digital output (DOUT) and it takes only a few minutes to set up. In this case, we use the new generation Siliconfusion devices with flexible I/O.


The system is used to prevent unauthorized users from operating a vehicle and to gradually decelerate and stop a vehicle in-transit under certain pre-determined conditions. In a nutshell, it has been designed to be activated for specific situations, such as unauthorized access or use of a vehicle.


SECO provides authorized users the ability to prevent movement of a vehicle and eventually to stop an operating vehicle with GPRS or SMS text command by simply pressing a button in a dedicated fleet management software program or mobile app.


Here is how it works: When the stolen vehicle speed exceeds the preconfigured threshold speed, the Speed Pulse Scenario will be activated forcing the driver to slow down.


After that, when the stolen vehicle speed inevitably goes lower than the preconfigured threshold speed, GPS tracker will disable speed pulsing and will activate DOUT permanently. So, the vehicle will be gradually and safely decelerated and stopped by controlling a fuel pump of the car.


In essence, remote disabling allows car owners, dispatchers, or other authorized personnel safely to decelerate a stolen vehicle by gradually limiting a fuel supply to the engine from a remote location. Thus, it will be inevitably brought to a safe and controlled stop that allows avoiding traffic incidence, road infrastructure damage, or casualties.


When it’s done, the stolen but now stalled vehicle location can be swiftly tracked by Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) software application in a smartphone, tablet, or PC and recovered at once. As a result, automobile loss (and the goods) has been successfully prevented.


Furthermore, all Siliconfusion GPS trackers are equipped with Immobilizer, unplug detection, Towing detection, Auto Geofence, Manual Geofence features which can be used in a combination with SECO making a theft process even more challenging and vehicle a less appealing target.


Vehicle disabling system can be integrated with other onboard wireless communications systems that include features such as door sensors, cargo sensors, temperature sensors, electronic cargo seals, and trailer connection and disconnection systems. For example, if the vehicle onboard computer system installed by car maker or aftermarket supplier detects a loss of signal from the communication network or tampering of electronic cargo seals, a pre-determined vehicle disabling protocol can be initiated.


The most common applications for SECO function are courier delivery services, logistics, cargo forwarders, taxi fleets, expensive construction vehicles, rear antique vehicles, business class corporate fleets, luxury automobiles, yachts, motorboats, and similar.




-It is a truly secure feature – SECO allows to recover the stolen vehicle and prevent the loss by bringing it to a safe and controlled stop.

-Saves time, effort, and defeats uncertainty – stalled vehicle location can be tracked by AVL software application to speed up the recovery.


-Allows avoiding traffic incidence, road infrastructure damage, or casualties.


-Facilitates to safe the cargo – it allows recovering goods loaded on the stolen vehicle (e.g. LCV or HGV).


-Do it your way – can be activated by any smartphone or mobile phone with SMS service, tablet, and PC.


-User-friendly and convenient process management – GPRS or SMS text command is activated by simply pressing a button in a dedicated fleet management software program or mobile app.


-The most secure and efficient – remote vehicle disabling solution by far.

Keeping your business intact – can be activated by any smartphone or mobile phone with SMS service, tablet, and PC


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