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BUGs CONTROL: Smart bed legs


We have world’s first fully autonomous preventive system for bed bugs. Using new technology that works by combining the industry-standard pitfall trap with wireless technology and a bioengineered design.

Bed bugs have traditionally been notoriously hard to get rid of. And they don’t distinguish between a budget or a luxury hotel.

The hotel industry is particularly vulnerable to occurrences of bed bugs, and they can cause hotels to lose customers and revenue due to the negative customer experience which often find itself in various social media platform.

Travelers and hotels hate those pesky bed bugs! Sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite has become more than just an expression in many cases.

Our Solution

Hotels just have to replace their existing bed legs with Our bed legs. It is during the night when travellers sleep in the hotel bed that the pesky bed bugs come out from their hiding.


The special dark coating on the smart legs triggers the natural behaviour of bed bugs and lures them into the legs



We will help transform you visibly into a hotel that does not compromise on hygiene by making you safe from the dirtiest visitors: bed bugs

Bed bugs are the hardest threat hotel owners need to control. When guests see a hotel safe from bed bugs, guests can trust the hotel to have everything else under control,too.

Each leg contains a pitfall trap which is a proven method for capturing bed bugs. When a bed bug climbs on the leg, it falls inside and is trapped.

A notification is immediately sent to the hotel staff. A staff member can empty the trap at their convenience.

Every hotel room is monitored 24/7 with wireless technology.

“Bed bugs are a problem all over the world. As a hotelier, you just must face it that they might get here sometime. Travelers are more and more anxious about them, too. With our smart bed bug, you can be assured that your client can sleep well in peace not pieces.

Our smart bed legs stop bed bugs before any harm

Unlike regular rooms that get infested, our’ smart bed legs capture the first few bed bugs before infestations. You keep your guests and rooms always safe. Installed under any bed quicker than a check-in.


You are in control – get a notification for every prevented incident

Once the intruding bed bugs are captured inside Siliconfusion smart legs, your staff is notified with an email. Our legs can then be easily emptied by your housekeepers during cleaning. That’s it, problem avoided. You are always in control.

Stay clean 24/7, don’t lose your reputation

Never be in the dark again. Log in to the Siliconfusion web app, and see how your rooms are clean in real time, 24/7. No integrations to WIFI or IT systems needed. You avoid priceless reputation and refurbishing losses.



Contact-free technology that works – no pesticides

With our Solution, you don’t need pest control inspections and the use of pesticides inside rooms. Our Valpas is eco-friendly and works on its own, automatically. You free up valuable staff time to sanitise rooms for other germs and viruses they can control.

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