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Smart building | Monitoring data center environments (DCIM)

Monitoring data center environments (DCIM)

According to a report by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the United States currently has 34 energy production plants entirely dedicated to supply data centers. By 2020, this production is expected to increase by 50% to meet ever-increasing needs for energy.

Monitoring data center environments is therefore a major issue and challenge for all stakeholders in the market: they need an industrial solution that is optimized in economic terms, while offering high performance, flexibility, and modular design.

The various sensors provided by ELA Innovation meet all of these requirements, providing the real-time information needed for effective monitoring: temperature sensors, humidity sensors, rack-door opening detection, light detection, and sensors with analog inputs to connect external probes (such as pressure, CO2, liquid leaks, and more).

These sensors are all easy to install, offering long battery life and long transmission range, providing a solid and immediate solution to handle ambient environment issues.

Track temperature and humidity in storage areas and receive alerts in real-time

· Cable-free data transmission using wireless connectivity

· Sensor battery life of 10 years

· Compact and industrial design (waterproof, shock-resistant, chemical-resistant)

· Quick installation and/or sensor displacement

· Long transmission range, even indoors

· Traceability by monitoring unique sensor identification numbers

· Modular solution allowing you to increase the number of sensors in a given area easily

· Optimized total cost of ownership (a single reader for 5,000 sq. meters, regardless of the number of tags and sensors)

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