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The chunk of insurance pay-out  and claims are used to settle car accidents and thefts. There are at least 7-8 million cases of stolen vehicles around the world every year and this number keeps growing. Figures in traffic accident statistics are even greater. Majority of accidents in around are largely caused by drivers and only a few of them a caused by mechanical failure or broken parts such as tyres, shaft, break failure, etc.

Having advance warning systems to warn drivers or to keep drivers behaviour in check before accident happens will safe lives and reduce insurance pay-outs.

Real time tracking ,and  early warnings systems to detect over-speeding, harsh breaking, harsh cornering,  theft or accidents cannot only be ignored considering the surge  in road traffic accident in recent times. Thanks for our advance hardware telematics solutions, we can provide early systems to warn or alert drivers about the driving behaviour, set a speed limiter, provide advance in-cab video to monitor driver’s behaviour, trace accidents and reconstruct impact time, location, engine immobilization during theft, etc. With this our insurance company will be able to have a complete overview of the cause of accident and suspected theft .



The vast majority of all vehicle accidents worldwide are sometimes caused by drivers’ errors and careless behaviour. This inappropriate behaviour does not only affect themselves but also affected businesses, society, road users, police, passengers, etc. Such reckless behaviour  costs billions of dollars every single year to our global economy and the psychological impact as results of death caused by  accidents cannot be understated.

To address this issue. Siliconfusion Telematics has a sophisticated GPS tracker with a unique feature set to provide accurate data dedicated to insurers and corporate fleets.


Fleet owners, insurance companies and businesses and motor traffic police are very familiar with reckless drivers’ behaviour such as – rapid acceleration, over-speeding, cut-ins, aggressive driving, tailgating, harsh cornering and harsh stops. This inappropriate behaviour are major contributing factor vehicle accidents.

 According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, ‘94 per cent of serious road accidents are caused  by dangerous driving and poor judgment on the side of vehicle users

To get a full-scale picture of the problem, consider this World Health Organization data:

  • Around 1.35 million people are killed on roads each all over the world.
  • Almost 3,700 people are killed every day globally in road traffic crashes and more than half of those killed are passengers, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and cyclists.

Going further, traffic accidents cause considerable road infrastructure and property damage, cargo loss, delays, higher insurance premium, medical and collateral costs, a reduction in business revenue and productivity. The price tag – tens of billions of dollars every single year, and motorist numbers keep growing in most of the countries around the world.

On other hand, the global motor insurance market is estimated to be more than $880 billion, and it is expected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) growth approximately 6.2% until the year 2025. This market niche insured losses decrease is highly demanded and would be appreciated a lot, which creates an up-and-coming business opportunity.

This the reason why Siliconfusion advancing IoT technology and Telematics, are assisting insurance industry players, fleet operators, vehicle owners  to help mitigate against such preventable and unfortunate trend of losing life and property  to through accidents.


By utilising telematics-based products, solutions, analysis and tariffs, insurance underwriters undoubtedly may reduce some common risks associated with insuring drivers, leading to fewer claims and higher profits. When a vehicle is equipped with our GPS tracker, it transmits vehicle geographical location, average trip speed, fuel consumption, driving style details (aggressive acceleration, braking, cornering) and patterns, traffic violations, a fact of the road accident and more.

With our solution,  the insurers  can isolate good and law abiding drivers from the bad nuts and appropriate the insurance premiums based on the risks assessment. The data provided can also be shared with the bad drivers to change their driving behaviour or lose their insurance completely.

Our Vehicle telematics software is suitable for use in the following category: usage-based insurance (UBI), pay-as-you-drive (PAYD), pay-how-you-drive (PHYD), manage-how-you-drive (MHYD), first notice of loss (FNOL), as well as claims processing, accident reconstruction and more.

Accelerometer and gyroscope combo ensures detailed acceleration data in case of a vehicle collision or traffic accident. 200 Hz data frequency for accident reconstruction allows insurance providers to establish what exactly happened. A highly accurate and timely accident data recreation makes the device particularly attractive for insurance companies. No guesswork, confusing eye whiteness report analysis or assumptions any more.

Swiftly fitted in tight spaces. The biggest in its class internal High Gain GNSS antenna and slim design ensures the required signal strength and allows to mount it directly on a car battery under the bonnet. Also, FMT100 is equipped with double-sided tape and a special clamp connector for the fast and hassle-free power cable connection to a car battery.

Instant tracker Unplug Detection feature in a combination with internal battery eliminates any attempts to compromise data transmission or deception. Moreover, thanks to its small size, slim shape and potent antenna, this GPS device can be utilised as a secondary hidden ‘backup tracker’ to assure a stolen vehicle recovery effectiveness, if the main one has been disconnected, tampered or broken.

Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to expand its usage scenarios by supporting a wireless OBD dongle, headset, ID beacons and various sensors connection.

Robust IP65 ingress protection casing withstands poor weather and/or freezing winter conditions.

Let’s dig deeper in crash detection and driver scoring specifics and benefits gained.

Crash detection. Thanks to our advanced built  feature such as Crash Data Visualizer application, an insurer can get very detailed crash event data with exact forces, timings, table with coordinate, table with timings and forces and speed changes, various relevant graphs of X, Y, Z axis changes, table of hits calculations, marked a side and direction of impacts, track events some period before the accident happened, etc. Alternatively, these data protocol can be provided for insurers own or Telematic Service Providers software platforms.


Based on it, an insurance provider will receive an accident notification (aka FNOL) at once and will see a detailed and unprejudiced picture of the accident online. An insurer can call an ambulance and/or police to the scene if needed, may arrange an interview with a driver using special scripts and compare the list of damage, claimed by a driver to the data captured by Siliconfusion GPS device.

Driver scoring (aka driver behaviour analysis). Based on our device data, an insurance agent can calculate policyholders’ scoring (dangerous manoeuvres, detailed vehicle usage pattern factors, driver’s eco-friendliness to the environment and so on) and administer tariffs accordingly. This way, obedient drivers will pay less, unruly one will be charged more, which helps to improve company loss ratio, financial balance sheets and efficiently impact targeted individual driving habits.

By the way, driver scoring method is perfectly suitable for corporate fleets, too. If applied correctly, this procedure will improve fleet personnel driving style and safety, lessens risky driving behaviours, events, accidents, repairs, maintenance and operational cost.



  • All-in-one insurance industry dedicated feature set – our tracker has been designed, developed, manufactured and rigorously tested with an insurance industry specifics in mind. All relevant features you need and none of it you don’t.
  • Comprehensive and accurate data you can rely on – complete and detailed set of data to monitor, analyse and generate relevant reports of client portfolio or corporate fleet drivers. Track vehicle geographical location, average trip speed, fuel consumption, driving style and patterns, traffic violations, facts of the road accident, etc. You name it, you get it. No excuses, full stop.
  • Compact, robust and easy to install – slim, sturdy, durable and dust/chemical-resistant Siliconfusion GPS device with a special clamp connector can be swiftly installed under 5 minutes in any parking lot. No technical skills, experience or prior training required. If you can screw up a nut, you can do it. Simple as that.
  • Improved loss ratio and enterprise profitability – by utilising feature set, businesses will improve targeted drivers’ habits, discipline and safety, lessens risky driving behaviours, events, accidents, repairs, maintenance and operational cost, resulting in a better ROI, cash flow and profits.


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